The Real Estate Manager

To purchase The Real Estate Manager

You have 2 choices: You can either purchase or rent the software. Which ever you choose, the pricing is based on the number of apartments you manage.



Please select the number of apartments you will manage in The Real Estate Manager. Please choose carefully as you will not be able to add more units than the number of the license selected:

 - $ 367.00
 - $ 541.00
 - $ 818.00
 - $ 1,364.00
 - $ 1,889.00
 151 units or more -  Show All Prices

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* Please note that your subscription will be renewed automatically.
* You can deactivate the automatically renewal at any time from your account or by sending us a written notice at least 10 days before the renewal date.
* The price to add more apartments will be based on the difference obtained between the cost of the purchased license and the new license.