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Available Options with Real Estate Manager

Service Plan

When you buy* one or more licenses of Real Estate Manager, it is largely recommended to subscribe** to the service plan. It will helps you a lot with the software learning and use in addition to spare you a lot of worries. Here is what is included to the service plan:

check SoftwareUpdates
checkBackups on our servers
checkWeb consultation of your data
checkFree temporary licence (3 months) for the accountant at year-end

*The service plan is included in the case of a software rent (monthly).
**The service plan is payable annualy and its price depends of the number of workstations and units managed. Click here to see how much it costs according to your needs.

If you're not a member yet, subscribe now by Clicking here

You consider you don't need everything that is included to the Service Plan?

You can pay separatly different services like installations, configurations, technical interventions and data gathering (companies, buildings, units and leases). Contact-us to take an appointment. Here are the rates.

Server: 125$
50$ / additionnal workstation
Network configuration
Initial: 125$
50$ / additionnal year
Data gathering
Starting price: 99$
1.25$ / lease
Technical Intervention
First 10 minutes free
Temporary licence of 3 months
(accountant - year end)**

*Intervention for following problems: Database connection is impossible, reports visualization, Real Estate Manager isn't reachable for unknown reason, and certain problems linked to the accounting (impossible to reconcile, an entry can't be deleted, financial statements not concording, etc.). Questions concerning the use of Real Estate Manager won't be answered unless you subscribe to the service plan.

**Exemple: Installation of a licence for your accountant so that he's able to close the year and work with your data (3 months).