Our best Real Estate Management software to this day

Manage your finances and save money!
Improve your Real Estate Management knowing exactly where your money goes and be able to make adjustments depending on which unit, building or company is costing you more.
Increase your productivity and save time!
The fact of having all your Real Estate information in the same place gives you the opportunity to collect the information faster than ever and to save your energy for other activities.
Keep full control of your Real Estate Complex!
Lease management, work, litigations, accounting, all centralized in the same place! Stop having multiple applications and methods and switch to Real Estate Manager!

Centralized contact management
Imagine having everything in one place: complete files and contact information for your tenants, references, caretakers and suppliers along with scanned contracts that you can associate with their profiles! The efficient and easy-to-access directory comes with a high-performance search engine that you won't be able to do without.
Mailing list
Smart communications
Imagine letters that are writen themselves, addressed to the right tenant with all the required information including address, fees for late payment of rent, or the price of the next lease. You can even create and automate your own documents!
Easy real estate management
Manage your client's companies and your own independently, but with the same interface for maximum efficiency. Charge management fees and provide professional and detailed reports to your customers. Real Estate Manager gives you all the flexibility you need for your business activities.
Agenda and reminders
Real Estate Manager includes an agenda that will allow you to manage your time! It reminds you to make your increases, treat your recurring transactions, shop your mortgage, pay your bills and notifies you when a work is planned. A simple clic on the note brings you exactly to the right place!

Housing cooperative

Real Estate Manager offers an exclusive version for the housing cooperative. It is now easy to manage the membership share, treat subsidies and exclusive discounts, send letter and notifications and even more!
User management and multi-users
Real Estate Manager offers its customers to work simultaneously on the same database by managing the users and their access to the software.

Flexible rent increases

Manage increases according to your requirements: Increase all of your rents or depending on the number of rooms, as a percentage, a fixed amount, rounded or not, or via the integrated form of governement! Automatically calculate the expenses allocated to the building or to the apartments.
Rent increase
Income statement
Financial management
Real Estate Manager gives you all the information you need about your accounts! The software offer a large range of professional reports. You can get your financial statements with only few mouse clicks!

Why use Real Estate Manager?
  • Perfect for pros
  • Advanced accounting
  • Multi-user access restriction
  • Letters and automatic notifications
  • Customer service at your disposal!
  • Online web repertory

Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
* Mac users can use Proprio Expert with a PC emulator such as Bootcamp and a Windows license. For more information on emulators, please contact your IT Specialist.
blockquoteWhen I first started, my brother made me a simple Excel spreadsheet. A few years later, I discovered Real Estate Manager and I'm now addicted!
Serge Chaussée
blockquoteReal Estate manager is one of the best software ever made. It's easy of use and has everything a landlord needs to manage his building. One word for the service : Excellent! The team is always there to help me whatever the problem is. I never saw anything like it before

André Ross, Landlord, Sherbrooke