Magex Technologies launches it iAnalyzeREI Mobile App!

Sherbrooke, Thursday September 8th 2011– Magex Technologies makes analyzing an income property's profitability and sale price evaluation for residential or commercial properties even more accessible thanks to its mobile version of iAnalyzeREI.

« Investors and real estate agents spend most of their time on the road. They can now use iAnalyzeREI on their smart phone or iPad. This will make things easier for them!» says Geneviève Janelle, president of Magex Technologies. The simplified interface will facilitate data entry and allows quick access to the building's localization in Google Maps

iAnalyzeREI mobile also gives you access to the 10 profitability ratios most commonly used on the market along with their definitions to make life easier for the brokers. The sale price evaluation can be done in the blink of an eye based on 6 different scenarios; from Down payment percentage to the Capitalization rate.

Furthermore, the user can, at anytime, send by Email a PDF report which includes:
  1. - Profitability summary;
  2. - Sale Price Evaluation;
  3. - Financial Forecast;
  4. - Financial forecast spread across the next 5 to 25 years.
The iPhone version will synchronize with contacts already in the device's address book for even more efficiency For more details on how works the mobile version of iAnalyzeREI, you can view the tutorial by clicking HERE. The mobile app is now available on the AppStore and Android Market. Simply write iAnalyzeREI in the search engine to download it. You can also access it by going to and clicking on Mobile Application on the top left corner.

Increasing its software's mobility is part of Magex Technologies' revised mission to revolutionate the practices of real estate agents thanks to its flexible and user-friendly specialzied software. Magex Technologies is a company specialized in real estate software development known for its expertise. Founded in 2003 by two then-recently graduated students from l'Université de Sherbrooke, the company stands out thanks to its user friendly products and the professionalism of its services.